Re: RadiusNt with Oracle

Mitchell B. Wagers ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 09:27:13 -0800

I guess I'm a bit lost, are you running Microsoft SQL Server 6.5? I did
assume that you were, and if that's the case and Oracle claims to support
that installation, then it is their problem and they do need to comply with
Microsoft's format because that's what they are supporting. If I claim
that my ActiveX plugin supports Citrix clients, then well, I have to
support Citrix, not ANSI. Maybe Dale can shed some light here since he's
been working with RadiusNT and Oracle lately????

So, Are you running Microsoft SQL Server <>6.5?

At 02:51 PM 1/28/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Sorry BUT
>Oracle clames that this is a MS standard, and NOT ANSI standard.
>In Oracle is it not possible to create functions with "NULL parameter ()".
>It is possible to create a "GetDate" function, but it must be called without
>SELECT GETDATE, will then return the right value.
>I think I have a BIG problem here.
>>They told you that isn't standard SQL? If you are talking about "SELECT
>>GETDATE()," it's standard where I come from! Now, if you try a statement
>>just as "GETDATE()," that will most likely fail because SQL doesn't
>>understand GETDATE without SELECT or some other Action identifier. In fact,
>>I'll check the SQL book right now! Alrighty, Oracle is not correct...I
>>don't see how they can claim to support SQL if they don't know SQL's
>>requirements! Here's what it says in the SQL Server 6.5 Developer Book:
>>The GETDATE function produces the current date and time in SQL Server
>>Internal format for datetime values. GETDATE takes the NULL parameter ().
>>To find the current system date and time:
>>July 29 1995 2:50 PM
>>And so on....It says it "takes the null parameter ()," which in my
>>understanding of most of the SQL books, *needs* to be there to be fully
>>compatible. Oracle customer support is wrong in this case, don't ya think?
>>:) I apologize if I sound a bit heated, it's a been a comparable day with
>>a couple other companies.
>>From: Flemming Eriksen
>>Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 1998 2:57 AM
>>Subject: Re: RadiusNt with Oracle
>>Options Registry ?
>>Oracle is running on a Unix Server, RadiusNT access Oracle thrue
>>Oracle Customer Support telling me that "GetDate()" is not Standard SQL
>>Is it possible to change RadiusNT's "GetDate()" to "GetDate" ?
>>>Flemming Eriksen wrote:
>>>> I am about to convert access database to Oracle, but inserting into
>>>> not possible.
>>>> The problem is access use "GetDate()" and in Oracle I can't create a
>>>> function that dosn't have a value inside "()".
>>>> Do somebody have know what to do?
>>>You can add 16 to the Options Registry entry to have it act
>>>like MS Access. I've been playing around with Oracle here and
>>>trying to get RadiusNT to work with in (albeit 2.5). If people
>>>think MS SQL Server is difficult to understand, they should
>>>run from Oracle. Now I know what Oracle Admins get big bucks! :)
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