Re: RadiusNt with Oracle

Flemming Eriksen ( (no email) )
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 08:53:02 +0100

NO, Oracle


>I guess I'm a bit lost, are you running Microsoft SQL Server 6.5? I did
>assume that you were, and if that's the case and Oracle claims to support
>that installation, then it is their problem and they do need to comply with
>Microsoft's format because that's what they are supporting. If I claim
>that my ActiveX plugin supports Citrix clients, then well, I have to
>support Citrix, not ANSI. Maybe Dale can shed some light here since he's
>been working with RadiusNT and Oracle lately????
>So, Are you running Microsoft SQL Server <>6.5?
>At 02:51 PM 1/28/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>Sorry BUT
>>Oracle clames that this is a MS standard, and NOT ANSI standard.
>>In Oracle is it not possible to create functions with "NULL parameter ()".
>>It is possible to create a "GetDate" function, but it must be called
>>SELECT GETDATE, will then return the right value.
>>I think I have a BIG problem here.
>>>They told you that isn't standard SQL? If you are talking about "SELECT
>>>GETDATE()," it's standard where I come from! Now, if you try a statement
>>>just as "GETDATE()," that will most likely fail because SQL doesn't
>>>understand GETDATE without SELECT or some other Action identifier. In
>>>I'll check the SQL book right now! Alrighty, Oracle is not correct...I
>>>don't see how they can claim to support SQL if they don't know SQL's
>>>requirements! Here's what it says in the SQL Server 6.5 Developer Book:
>>>The GETDATE function produces the current date and time in SQL Server
>>>Internal format for datetime values. GETDATE takes the NULL parameter
>>>To find the current system date and time:
>>>July 29 1995 2:50 PM
>>>And so on....It says it "takes the null parameter ()," which in my
>>>understanding of most of the SQL books, *needs* to be there to be fully
>>>compatible. Oracle customer support is wrong in this case, don't ya
>>>:) I apologize if I sound a bit heated, it's a been a comparable day
>>>a couple other companies.
>>>From: Flemming Eriksen
>>>Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 1998 2:57 AM
>>>Subject: Re: RadiusNt with Oracle
>>>Options Registry ?
>>>Oracle is running on a Unix Server, RadiusNT access Oracle thrue
>>>Oracle Customer Support telling me that "GetDate()" is not Standard SQL
>>>Is it possible to change RadiusNT's "GetDate()" to "GetDate" ?
>>>>Flemming Eriksen wrote:
>>>>> I am about to convert access database to Oracle, but inserting into
>>>>> not possible.
>>>>> The problem is access use "GetDate()" and in Oracle I can't create a
>>>>> function that dosn't have a value inside "()".
>>>>> Do somebody have know what to do?
>>>>You can add 16 to the Options Registry entry to have it act
>>>>like MS Access. I've been playing around with Oracle here and
>>>>trying to get RadiusNT to work with in (albeit 2.5). If people
>>>>think MS SQL Server is difficult to understand, they should
>>>>run from Oracle. Now I know what Oracle Admins get big bucks! :)
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