Re: Memory Suggestions

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 12:13:26 -0800

Thomas Suiter wrote:
> Anybody have any suggestions on memory for a computer, other than as
> much as you can get?
> We have 8000+ dialups who are smacking the radius server very hard
> (average of 13 Transactions/sec with peaks in the 40's). This is all
> running on a Compaq Proliant 800 with 64 meg of ram in it, has SQL
> server 6.5 service pack 4, ODBCv 3.0, and radiusNT v2.2. Memory is
> running at around 110 meg in use, so obviously we need to go upto at
> least 120meg; what would the suggestion be for 12000+ customers, we are
> having some slow logins right now, and the CPU is up pretty high also
> (I'm assuming most of this is because of swapping memory out to drive),
> I'm assuming more memory would help both of these.

SQL Server itself should have enough memory to cache your entire
database in memory. For 8000 users, you should have a dedicated
SQL Server box with atleast 128 megs of memory and SQL Server
allowed to use about 90-100 megs of that.

I am also working on a multi-threaded RadiusNT that has multiple
SQL Server connections and can handle quite a bit higher load than
the current one can. In you current situation, you should look into
two or three RadiusNT servers, to split the load across.

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