Re: Memory Suggestions

Jeff Woods ( )
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 14:17:03 -0500

We have a local wholesaler that sells to local (Raleigh) dealers only that
gives excellent prices. I also can get things like Pentium-II 233 CPU, MB
& fan for $478. I'm sure if you hunted around in your area you'd find a
similar source in your hometown. Just show them your resale certificate,
and you're on their books.... (Hint: Yellow pages, under Computers:
Wholesale & Manufacturers, is the ONLY place in the local YP they are
listed, just company name, address and telephone number -- no ad, nothing.
If you didn't know you were looking for them, you'd never find them.
That's often the case with these places, as they don't really WANT walk-up
business from the general public.)

If you can't find a place in your area that will sell to you at these low
prices, I'll be happy to resell to you at their prices plus 5% and shipping.

At 12:36 PM 1/23/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>Repeat after me.... NT LOVES RAM. NT LOVES RAM. NT LOVES RAM.
>>I'd suggest you not futz with it, and just go to 256 MB. A 64 MB SIMM is
>>about $120 if you know where to look.
>do you mind telling me where?
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