Strange new Problem

Jean-Francois Laplante ( (no email) )
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 14:34:36 -0800

I'm using Radius NT 1.16.60. I know it's not "officially" supported here.
I've been using the software in ODBC mode for almost a year with no problem

Recently, I upgraded my 2 radius servers to NT4 and ODBC 3.0 from ODBC 2.5.
Since then I have 2 new problems that may or may not be related to the
ODBC upgrade.

1- The radius database is growing at a very rapid pace. 1 week of
operation take the database from 3 megs to 145 megs. When I just compress
it (no "calls" transfert), it shrinks down to 10-11 megs wich is normal
because of the "calls" database. Before, the database was "normally"
taking size.

2- I frequently get the message "The changes you requested to the table
where not sucessfull because the would create duplicate values in the
index..." I need to compact and/or repair the "calls" table for this to go
away. I would come back a few hours after that. I've never had this
problem before.

Thanks for any help you could provide me.


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