Re: RadiusNT Questions

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 10:09:00 -0800

Norris W. Sydnor, III wrote:
> Ok. After doing my homework/research, it looks like RadiusNT is definitely
> the way to go. However, I do have a few questions.
> First, I see that RadiusNT can use the NT User Database for authenticating.
> But is there a way to get the user info from the NT User database into the
> ODBC database used by RadiusNT? This would be very helpful. Then I could

No. You would have to manually move the information from the NT SAM
to the database.

> do queries on my users from an Access Database or perhaps use Cold Fusion
> to produce some nice applications which pull from the RadiusNT ODBC
> database. I could also create a table in the database which would have the
> user name, address, etc. info (I am sure Emerald makes this part simple).

Those fields already exist in the sample database.

> Secondly, is there a way to use RadiusNT with NT 4.0 RAS? This would
> allow me to get RadiusNT now and starting setting it up before we implement
> the PM3.

Install the NT Option pack and RAS can be used as a RADIUS client.

> Third, do I have to create the inital database with all of the Tables,
> Fields, etc. or does it come with a template databse to get started. I was
> thinking of using MS Access 7.0 to create the data source.

An MS Access sample database is included.

> Fourth, will RadiusNT use clear text for authenticating or does it require
> PAP or CHap?

Clear Text/PAP are the same thing. It can use either PAP or CHAP for

> Fifth, is there a way to have RadiusNT to authenticate by firsting
> searching the NTUserdatabase then the ODBC. I was just wondering if I
> would have to always enter users in the NT database or can I also enter
> them in the ODBC or a text file.

No, but you can have it check the database, and if not found, then check
the NT SAM.

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