Re: USR (3 Com) Netserver 8/I plus

Dean Zerbe ( )
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 14:21:25 -0800

Yes, i use the net server Plus software.

in the radius config

change User-Service to read User-Service-Type

In the framed user property

it only reply's with password and User-Service << User-Service-Type >
when you change above.

add Framed-Address and Framed-Netmask when authenticating, the reply's
for Framed address and Framed-Netmask should be if you want to
use the pool of assigned I.P addresses in the netserver.

At 03:25 PM 12/18/97 -0600, you wrote:


<excerpt><smaller>Has anyone successfully use RadiusNT with the USR
Netserver 8/I plus?

I have an USR Netserver 8/I that has been working with radius for about 5
months now, but I just add a Netserver 8/I plus yesterday, that fails to
authenticate when reaching the protocol negotiation part after password
checks have passed. Any help appreciated.





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