Re: Error loading from file

Steve Williams ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 17:25:52 +1000

>>That subject just about says it all. That is the error message in its
>>entirety when trying to start RadiusNT Administrator (radadmn) before it
>>dumps out. We don't even get to the part where we find we have to switch
>>the version of tabctl32.ocx that radadmn requires. Was wondering if it
>>could be deduced as to _which_ file radadmn could not load?
>We also just started to receive this very same message after a month or so
>of use.
>Not sure what changed to cause this but the software is still
>authenticating just fine????

Oh it's still authenticating away rather merrily. Just can't run the
RadiusNT Administrator utility any more.

Sly (Steve Williams)