Filtering commands with RadiusNT & NesServer 8/16

Jacob Gubits ( jgubits@HighClass.Net )
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 02:16:22 -0500

We just purchased 3 Boxes of Net server Plus 8/16 I'm in the middle of
the Installation & configuration,

I'm using RadiusNT it works fine for me except filtering,
NetServer ignores the filter instruction from RadiusNT.

The RadiusNT doesn't recognize the filter command sescribed
NetserverPlus User's manual (Radius Authentication and accounting Page

For this command it returns an error.

Instead The Filter command in RadiusNT is
Framed-Filter = "Filter.fil/Filter.fil"

Radius accept that command but NetServer Ignores it

I tried different combination of this command to name of the filters
with extension without extension I made new filters by name
and filter.out but no success.

There is a peace of information I'm missing how to configure it
correctly and need to get help correcting this problem.