Creating a Dictionary

Richard Wong ( )
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 12:44:51 -0800


I'm a RADIUS newby. I'm trying to get familiar with RasdiusNT 2.2 before I
get my new dial-up server. I've got RadiusNT up and running on a Win95
system right now and have been able to test it with 'radlogin' successfully.
I've set RadiusNT up in the text mode right now without ODBC for my current

I currently have a Gandalf Expressway system that I would like to test
RadiusNT with. My question(s) has to do with setting up a dictionary for
the Gandalf unit. The Gandalf unit claims to only support RADIUS attribute
ID's 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 18, 22, 26, 28, 60 and 62.

Question 1:
When creating the dictionary for the Gandalf, should I just take the example
dictionary and remove (or comment out) all the RADIUS attributes that it
does not support?

The Gandalf unit also supports attributes that are Gandalf specific. There
are 33 of them and they are listed starting with ID 1 through ID 33. I
noticed that in the example dictionary, the Ascend specific attributes
starts at 174.

Question 2:
Does it matter where I start the Gandalf specific attributes (attribute ID
number)? According to RFC 2058 for RADIUS, only attributes 224 through 240
are reserved for 'implementation-specific use'.

Question #3:
I had expected a text log file to be created by RadiusNT when I ran
'radlogin'. Am I right in assuming this? If there are log files, where
does RadiusNT put them? My accounting directory points to
'c:\radius\accounting' - the directory exists but is empty.

Question #4:
I'm not sure how RadiusNT would handle multiple NAS's. Would I have to
create a dictionary for each one? If I use multiple dictionaries, how would
RadiusNt know which one to use?

Or do I append the attributes for all the NAS's into one large dictionary?

btw, has anyone used RadiusNT with a Gandalf box? Anyone have a Gandalf
dictionary they would like to share?

That's all for now.