RE: Backup?

Penelope Baker ( )
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 11:37:43 -0500

Should have gone with Ghost from If I was a
guy, that proggie would give me wood....

It's at least as fast as Drive Image, plus it has neato network and
multicasting features, plus an image explorer so you can selectively
restores files/directories from the image, plus it has a SID creator so
that you can clone a workstation or server and make new computers from
them with no troubles, and about a gazillion other neato features. It's
VERY good.


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> Since we have a thread going about backup....
> First, I am not associated with the company or the product.. just an
> enduser and thought some of the others on this list might
> benifit from this
> product.
> I wanted to replace one of my NT 4.0 hard drives and really
> did not want to
> go through the normal backup, recovery disk routine.. so I
> looked around
> and found a product call Drive Image from Powerquest.
> This product allows you to make a image of a drive to another
> drive in the
> same computer or via a network.. but the other thing it does
> is allow you
> to do a disk to disk copy... and it works GREAT... It will
> do FAT, FAT32
> and NTFS
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