RE: Backup?

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 10:32:41 -0600

Since we have a thread going about backup....

First, I am not associated with the company or the product.. just an
enduser and thought some of the others on this list might benifit from this

I wanted to replace one of my NT 4.0 hard drives and really did not want to
go through the normal backup, recovery disk routine.. so I looked around
and found a product call Drive Image from Powerquest.

This product allows you to make a image of a drive to another drive in the
same computer or via a network.. but the other thing it does is allow you
to do a disk to disk copy... and it works GREAT... It will do FAT, FAT32
and NTFS

It took about 30 minutes to duplicate a 4 gig hard drive with 1.2 gigs of
info ... and then I rejumpered the new drive to drive 0 and everything came
up as normal... never missed a lick!!