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Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 17:27:59 -0500

First of all, what type of CPU and Memory you have on the machine?
Do you have plenty of recources available?
is it a single CPU or Multi CPU Motherboard?
Have you tried making it ONLY a Routing Computer without ANY other software
and services running? (Barebones Server/router)
Try removing services and adding services one at a time to see where the
problem is at?

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Date: April 1, 1998 2:23 PM
Subject: QUAKE Routing Probs

>Hi folx..
>In January there was a discussion about some quake probs with the PM3's.
>Now we have some quake probs too but it does not seem to be a
>LUCINGSTON-Problem but a network prob generally, maybe somebody of You can
>give me some hints:
>First the behavior:
>There is a tool named r_netgraph inside quake we used to analyze what's
>going on and it showed that both our clients coming from our dialups going
>to outside quake-servers as even outside clients coming to our local
>quake-servers have the same prob: good pings (<100) but randomly (about
>every 10 to 30 seconds) they have big packet loss or U_REMOVE ON FULL UPDATE
>errors, sometimes they get problems with DELTA-COMPRESSION too.
>If our dialups connect to our local quake-servers they have no probs (ping
><35 and GREAT performance!!!)
>The technical background:
>customer dials via ISDN into PM3 and connects to our switched LAN
>The internet-gateway is a "Steelhead-Router" by M$ with a 100Mbit device
>internal and a 10Mbit ethernet device to the backbone ISP. (He himself uses
>CISCO to connect us via V.35 to his FrameRelay Backbone)
>We tried to experiment with various RegistrySettings in the
>NT-Steelhead-Router but we did not get any improvings in
>quake-performance... All other traffic is routed without any problem (even
>for other games like diablo...)
>Maybe somebody can point me to the right direction (pls don't come with
>these anti M$ arguments I know them myself but this does not takes me
>forwards! I know of the probs of M$-NT but I need to use steelhead for my
>gateway for some reason...)
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