RE: Virtual hosting on IIS 4 and NT 4 with MS DNS

Franco Nogarin ( )
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 11:52:39 -0700

Thanks Josh and Richard, got it up and running. Thanks alot.

Franco Nogarin
Webmaster - The Aurora Network

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From: Josh Hillman []
Sent: March 25, 1998 3:30 PM
Subject: Re: Virtual hosting on IIS 4 and NT 4 with MS DNS

On your webserver:
Set some IPs in your subnet to your NIC. Say your main IP address for the
machine is If you add some IPs to that same NIC in your
IIS4 machine, you can assign each one of them to a particular website.
In IIS 4, your main website "" would be assigned to
You could then assign to ""... --> ""... --> "" (subdomain)
In DNS, you'll have a primary zone for each of your virtually hosted
domains. So in the examples above, you'd have something like:
Primary zones:
[somename] (subdomain of -- not a primary zone)

For each primary zone, you'd have various DNS records like
[] A
somename A
[] A
[] A

You'd have to add NS, MX and any other CNAMEs or A records to each primary
zone as needed. Do not add an NS record for a subdomain
( toplevel domain is already handling that
with its NS record.

Josh Hillman

> From: Franco Nogarin <>
> Hi all, I have been getting a lot of requests from customers for virtual
> hosting, I am running IIS 4.0 on NT 4.0 and am wondering if I have my
> are strait, I figured this is how it goes:
> 1- we are and our class c is 123.456.789.0
> 2- our customer has their own domain name of
> 3- so I would assign an additional IP to my NIC in my webserver of
> 123.456.789.169 (Previously unused)
> 4- then I would open my DNS and add a subdomain of to
> 5- add an a record of www for 123.456.789.169 in the
> subdomain
> 6- create a virtual server in IIS and bind it to IP 123.456.789.169
> and thats it?

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