Re: Back on topic - Re: PM, MAX, or USR

Mitchell B. Wagers ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 18:27:34 -0800

Ok, I'm sorry!

Here's the TRUTH:

You won't go wrong with either a Portmaster or a USR or a Cisco. For every
unsatisified you can probably find a satisfied.


At 08:20 PM 3/25/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Has this been blown way off from my original questions. The few responses
>I got were helpfull, but this rant has gotten out of control, and I am
>still in the dust.
>I just sent the following message to the PM & TC lists, and hope you can
>help here too! Please, we need your help, not rants.
>We are trying to make the decision to go Digital. Well, we made the
>decision, now we need the equipment {Grin}.
>We are in the middle of "GTE Won't Spend Any Money" land. The local CO has
>a GTD-5 switch and the surrounding areas on even older Vidar ITAS-5
>(ITS5EA) switches. We want to bring in Trunk Side CT1's, 5 here and 1 each
>from 7 other communities.
>We currently use PM2e-30's with USR Sportster 33.6 modems. I have been
>following both lists and see about as many people mad at their TC's as
>their PM3's. The problem being that we only hear from those that are mad,
>not the satisfied customers.
>Can anyone give some feedback as to which will work better with the
>Switchgear at hand?
>Of course, each vender say's theirs will work best. How about some
>feedback from real life situations.
>Please help us out here, and please NO RANT's about Quake or Boardwatch or
>testing agencies.
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