Re: Wireless network

Michael Whisenant ( )
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 19:41:00 -0600

For the lowest cost, best performance at that distance, get Breeze com
products. I have tried many and they are price/performance the better
option. We routinely go to trade shows about 1/2 mile away, and get
between 2.5~3.2 Mbs without problem. Then inside we use wireless lan, and
even wireless PCMCIA. Works great. If you use the USR total control, then
forget wireless, get an alarm circuit installed, order the xDSL card and
modem. Up to 7MB down and 3.5MB upstream. Works great!

At 08:02 PM 3/25/98 -0400, you wrote:
> I'm looking for some info/suggestions about wireless network. Our
>offices are moving a couple of building down the road and our plans are to
>set-up the office in the new building and leave the servers at the old
>office while the telco moves our access lines & backbone to the new
>building. The system must be able to transmit external (outside antenna)
>about 500ft. Thanks in advanced
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