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Wed, 25 Mar 1998 20:36:00 -0500

I am very familiar with the Tolly group. The company I work for has used them
before. I've also seen and heard the gospel from the disciples of them. Don't
get me wrong, I'm not knocking their capabilities. The problem is when folks
take what they say as the gospel and don't factor other tings into the equation
beyond simple technical comparison tests. Statistics can be made to look any
way you want, depending upon who's doing the test. Having been burned with
this before I tend to be more gun shy and less fanatical nowdays.


-> Um no, the Tolly Group is a world-wide company that provides factual test
-> data. One of the very few companies that does actual controlled-environment
-> testing. Before you make claims, read up on it. If you'd been following the
-> posts, you would have known that I have nothing to do with them, and I don't
-> appreciate being referred as that. If you also notice, I never said x2 was
-> better than K56Flex or vice versa, I said they both perform equally well in
-> most cases. However you wish to twist things, feel free, but those of us
-> that know and have been down that road don't care.
-> At 12:14 PM 3/25/98 -0500, you wrote:
-> >-> If this wasn't performed by the TOLLY Group, it's not valid anyway! >->
-> At 02:07 PM 3/24/98 -0500, you wrote:
-> >-> >On Tue, 24 Mar 1998, rkm wrote:
-> >-> >
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-> >A potential disciple of Kevin's ? I don't think our users care whether >a
-> report was performed by the Tolly group or anyone for that matter. >Let's
-> keep things is perspective here.
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