Postoffice 3.12 and SMTP routing

Christian Schmit ( )
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 20:38:56 +0100


We have the following situation:

We have a customer with an ISDN LAN-LAN connection to
our internet POP. This means the customers ISDN router dials on
demand to our portmaster 3 when needed, but our portmaster 3 does
NOT call their router if their is traffic queued for servers on their side.

This customer has his own mailserver on his LAN which is not
permanently connected to the internet because
he uses ISDN dial-on demand on his side.

Is there a possibility to set up Postoffice 3.12 under NT
to collect all the mails for his domain while his server is not
connected to the internet, and that his mailserver collects
all these mails from our postoffice server when his ISDN
connection is up? The customers mailserver is MS Exchange.

Is the SMTP Mail Routing Table the place to set this up?

Christian Schmit
Visual Online sarl