RE: Postoffice 3.12 and SMTP routing

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We do this with MX records in DNS. Our Post.Office server acts as a backup
to the Exchange mail server on their dial in... when they are online the
mail flows.. when they are offline the mail is queued.

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> Hi,
> We have the following situation:
> We have a customer with an ISDN LAN-LAN connection to
> our internet POP. This means the customers ISDN router dials on
> demand to our portmaster 3 when needed, but our portmaster 3 does
> NOT call their router if their is traffic queued for servers on their
> This customer has his own mailserver on his LAN which is not
> permanently connected to the internet because
> he uses ISDN dial-on demand on his side.
> Is there a possibility to set up Postoffice 3.12 under NT
> to collect all the mails for his domain while his server is not
> connected to the internet, and that his mailserver collects
> all these mails from our postoffice server when his ISDN
> connection is up? The customers mailserver is MS Exchange.
> Is the SMTP Mail Routing Table the place to set this up?
> Thanks,
> Christian Schmit
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