Re: ShivaPPP Dialer for Win 3.x
Fri, 20 Mar 98 13:40:04 -0600


It is really amazing...I have experienced EXACTLY the same problem
with 3 win 3.1 users in the last 3 days. But my situation is a bit
different in that I have been using the MS package on my system (Win
NT with no RADIUS) for 2 months with virtually no problem. But all
the 3 new users who get your exact message. I have talked
to several people around town and I have found out two things.

1. The MS package basically requires 8 mb of RAM.

2. It is also very picky about the modem. If it don't like the modem
then you are out of luck.

It was recommended that I use a package from Netscape that is very
similar and performs the same but is less picky about modems. I
believe it is called Netscape Navigator Personal Edition (I think
version 3 is the latest). If ANYONE has that package I would love to
get my hands on it. I can't find it anywhere.

Hope this helps


PowerHouse Communications

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Subject: ShivaPPP Dialer for Win 3.x
Author: < > at INTERNET
Date: 3/20/98 12:45 PM

I have been giving my Windows 3.x users a program I downloaded that has the
following. MSIE 3.02a, a ShivaPPP Dialer, and FTP Software's TCP/IP stack. I
gave them out at the last ISP that I was at. Now, I am at a different one, same
set up, same hardware on my end, but now it won't work! On our end, RADIUSNT
(latest) Win NT 4.0 SP3, Computone Intelliserver release 1.5.3, and Hayes
Century modems 33.6.

When I set it for the terminal window, it logs the user id and pass with no
problem, it authenticates... then, when try to complete the log on, it says
"unable to negotiate dial-in connection (failed) "

I now have 3 machines doing it. The one I have here does it, and I can't make
it stop...

Any suggestions, a fix, another program to use for browser and dialer/TCP/IP
stack... anything... (please not Trumpet Winsock)

Thank you!!
Beverly L. Wise
Systems Operator
Falls City Net Services