Re: ShivaPPP Dialer for Win 3.x

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 15:05:23 -0500

From: Beverly Wise <>
I have been giving my Windows 3.x users a program I downloaded that has the
following. MSIE 3.02a, a ShivaPPP Dialer, and FTP Software's TCP/IP stack.
I gave them out at the last ISP that I was at. Now, I am at a different
one, same set up, same hardware on my end, but now it won't work! On our
end, RADIUSNT (latest) Win NT 4.0 SP3, Computone Intelliserver release
1.5.3, and Hayes Century modems 33.6.
When I set it for the terminal window, it logs the user id and pass with no
problem, it authenticates... then, when try to complete the log on, it says
"unable to negotiate dial-in connection (failed) "
I now have 3 machines doing it. The one I have here does it, and I can't
make it stop...
Any suggestions, a fix, another program to use for browser and
dialer/TCP/IP stack... anything... (please not Trumpet Winsock)

I don't know anything about the NAS or modems you have, but with our Maxes,
our Windows 3.1 users have no problems connecting, using MSIE 3.03 (comes
with TCP/IP stack, dialer, mail). PAP is used, so no one needs to manually
log in or use a script of any kind.
I don't know if it'll help in any way or not, but you might want to check
out the following page:
When we hand out MSIE 3.03 (4 disks), we print that out for them. It looks
"intimidating" but that's because I was being as detailed as I could be
when I wrote it...

If MSIE is installed and there's an "environment" error that pops up, it's
because of where 3 lines in "autoexec.bat" are located. 1 of them is a
PATH statement that can be removed if "c:\iexplore" is added to the normal
PATH line somewhere. The other two that reference "c:\iexplore\somefile"
should be moved to the beginning of the file, then reboot the computer and
everything will be fine.

Josh Hillman