Re: I *hate* FrontPage

David Payer ( (no email) )
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 08:19:03 -0600

>Is it just me, or does everyone else have problems with the FrontPage
>server extensions? 97 seemed stable enough, but after installing 98
>yesterday, I was not impressed to find the permissions on my NTFS data
>partiton had been reset to "Everyone...Full Control"

Permissions change when you don't do anything!

You give permission explicitly to a user, but they can't log in.

Or.... They can log into one site but not the other and you set them up
identically (using the same userid for login to both).

I don't get it but it has happened too often and from what I have heard to
too many people to be simply a fluke. It may be that it is affected by
variables that are not defined well by MS up front.

David Payer
OMNI Internet