SSL and IIS 3.0 Problems

Brian Rudnicke ( )
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 14:11:56 -0600

I am running WindowsNT 4.0, SP3 with Internet Information Server 3.0. I
am trying to implement SSL on one of the web directories we have here so
that we may handle credit card transactions. I have generated the key,
received the information from Verisign, installed the key, setup the Key
Manager to see the new key (which comes accross as usable), and setup
the WWW service to point to the SSL directory.

My problem happens as follows:

To run a test on the SSL, we just put an Index.htm file in the
directory. We then went to the site .
The client will see the alias, and it specified "Site Found. Waiting
for Reply" on both Netscape and MSIE. At this point it just hangs and
constantly waits to open the site. It doesn't crash the browser(s). I
am able to stop the process and go somewhere else.

Any Ideas?

Brian Rudnicke