Re: SSL and IIS 3.0 Problems

SMPnet ( )
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 20:31:48 -0500

1) Check which version of schannel.dll
2) w/iis3 it violates the 16k standard of ssl v3.0 , turn off ssl3 and see
if it works.
(iis4 resolves this problem. I recently upgraded because of this 16k

Brian Rudnicke wrote:

> I am running WindowsNT 4.0, SP3 with Internet Information Server 3.0. I
> am trying to implement SSL on one of the web directories we have here so
> that we may handle credit card transactions. I have generated the key,
> received the information from Verisign, installed the key, setup the Key
> Manager to see the new key (which comes accross as usable), and setup
> the WWW service to point to the SSL directory.
> My problem happens as follows:
> To run a test on the SSL, we just put an Index.htm file in the
> directory. We then went to the site .
> The client will see the alias, and it specified "Site Found. Waiting
> for Reply" on both Netscape and MSIE. At this point it just hangs and
> constantly waits to open the site. It doesn't crash the browser(s). I
> am able to stop the process and go somewhere else.
> Any Ideas?
> Thanks,
> Brian Rudnicke
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