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Get the free netshow server from Microsoft and WINNOV videum cards )

It's a very versatile card and it's under $200. It's the card M$ uses for
their demos. Can take S-Video input (From a Hi-8 or SVHS camera) or standard
RCA video input (VHS, VHS-C, 8mm). Run the encoders on pcs with the card at
the site hooked to an NT server via ethernet... generate HTML for your
"multiple views" i.e. frames or separate pages for each feed... On the NT
server run the netshow server and IIS on a non-standard port (Netshow server
wants :80)and get a static IP connection to the Internet. If you have time
to learn about it there are issues concerning protocol etc... actually you
can serve the ASF streams from an IIS server but the quality and scalability
is quite a bit better with the Netshow server... Check out and feel free to email me directly with
specific questions. Once you go to the trouble of setting it up for your
wedding you should have a system that you can "rent out" for all kinds of
events to pay for itself!

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> > My Apologies if this question was asked previously while I was
> glancing awaw...
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> > I'm getting married in a couple months, and being the crazy people that
> > finance & I are, we are thinking of live broadcasting the wedding over
> > net for our friends who couldn't make the trip...
> >
> > Besides the video-capturing stuff (QuickCams/video recorders with input
> > cards, etc.) what kind of broadcast (for lack of a better term) software
> > would i need to interface with say like a NetShow server?
> >
> > I'm thinking of several different camera angles each hooked to their own
> > computer & dial-in connection.
> The easiest thing to do is get a PC with something like an Haupauge WinTV
> card (it works in NT!) and hook a cam corder to the video inputs of the
> card (since you'll probably be taping the event anyways). Then use the
> dialup connection to a realserver for broadcasting (and you can save the
> broadcast to disk). Real Audio allows a free RealServer up to 60
> connections from their site. I've been playing with one here at home on
> my workstation and server. Its works pretty decent.
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