Re: Streaming Video Question

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 08:50:28 -0800

Don Lloyd Jr. wrote:
> My Apologies if this question was asked previously while I was glancing awaw...
> I'm getting married in a couple months, and being the crazy people that my
> finance & I are, we are thinking of live broadcasting the wedding over the
> net for our friends who couldn't make the trip...
> Besides the video-capturing stuff (QuickCams/video recorders with input
> cards, etc.) what kind of broadcast (for lack of a better term) software
> would i need to interface with say like a NetShow server?
> I'm thinking of several different camera angles each hooked to their own
> computer & dial-in connection.

The easiest thing to do is get a PC with something like an Haupauge WinTV
card (it works in NT!) and hook a cam corder to the video inputs of the
card (since you'll probably be taping the event anyways). Then use the
dialup connection to a realserver for broadcasting (and you can save the
broadcast to disk). Real Audio allows a free RealServer up to 60
connections from their site. I've been playing with one here at home on
my workstation and server. Its works pretty decent.

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