exchange 5.5 question

Clara Hatem ( )
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 09:30:02 +0200

Hello all
Speaking about exchange 5.5 server ....

I have MS exchange 5.5 installed on an NT 4.0 SP3 server and working OK,
with Internet Mail Service installed.
The local domain is , so whenever I create a user with alias
for exp clara, an address is created for this user
(everyone knows this ...)
what I want is that for a local user to be able to send
an email to another local user, without having to
specify the whole address in the email client. The To: field would be To:
xxx and not

I thought that was in relation with the domain specified in /control panel/
network / protocols / TCPIP / DNS , but even with putting the domain there, it does not work.
I also tried changing the email client (eudora, netscape mail, MS Internet
Mail) but it didn't work.

There must be a very simple solution, but ...
What is it ????


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