EXCHANGE 5.5 Remote clients slow

WINNT ( (no email) )
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 17:27:17 +1000

Hello List,

I have a NTS4SP3 exchange 5.5.
All our users access the exchange server via the LAN but also via dialup
The remote users can dial in and be validated on the domain perfectly
but....when checking mail it just sits there and does nothing except for the
odd packet. After about 3-4 minutes sometimes it will send and recieve the
mail but sometimes it will time out.
I have narrowed it down to the WINS server. I read in a Technet article that
when exchange client thru Remote networking accesses a server the name is
first checked with DNS then LMHOSTS and finnally the WINS
this right ?
The server is connected to the internet using RRAS & MSProxy2 and the DNS
server is located at the ISP.
I need a way to make the system check the WINS first.
Any help would be great.


Malcolm Joosse
Technical Director
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