Re: Digital Terminal Servers/Network Access Servers.

Jonathan D. Manz ( (no email) )
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 10:59:53 -0700

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You might consider looking at OSICOM's IQX-200. This communications server
uses a 200Mhz Intel Pentium processor (compared to Livingston PM3's 486dx2/66),
comes with a 10/100 ethernet port, is expandable up to 168 modems via T1/PRI.
Also supports a second 10/100 port for LAN to LAN routing. Dont' put the
modems on a T1 card and the box becomes a T1 Router with Internal CSU/DSU (as
many as you want). RAM upgrades are easy, standard 72Pin non-parity, non-edo
SIMMs. Also supports quad BRI cards for ISDN remote routers, ISDN modem
connections, or add 8 modem card and support digital 56KFlex dialin users!!!!

Through the end of March OSICOM is running a special promo on their
24 Modems (56KFLEX) w/1T is just:$7080.00, 48 modems, 2/T is $11,760.00, and 72
modems 3T is just $15,480.

We sell these things like hot-cakes!!! Give me a call: Jonathan Manz v:

Happy Hunting.


Jeff Woods wrote:

> At 11:58 PM 3/4/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >We've looked at the Livingston PM3's, but I 'm not too hot on its
> >limitations of 2 PRI's/T-1's. Is there a PM3 model that can scale better?
> I've heard fifth-hand information (FWIW) that the PM-4, in development, is
> targetted at those who have "hundreds" of ports in one location....
> The PM-3 is an EXCELLENT solution. If you have more ports than that, they
> "concatenate", appearing to the outside as one large PM-3 with hundreds of
> ports. So I'd still say go for the PM-3 if you need to buy now.
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