Re: NT Backup

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 09:59:11 -0800

John Lange wrote:
> Always use Seagate/Arcada backup Exec for NT. Very solid product. The
> Standard Edition will only backup local drives, NOT Network Maped drives.
> If you want to backup Several servers and workstations get the Enterprise
> Edition. It will backup MOST open files, but if you want to backup SQL or
> Netware you need the addon modules.

You don't have to have the SQL module to backup SQL Server. Its only
required if you want to do a real-time backup. I have SQL Server
make a dump 1 hour before backup starts and it backs up the dump file.

> It will also work with just about ANY scsi tape backup device and I believe
> it will work with the new IDE drives (but check first). We use Seagate
> drives with Adaptec AHA-2940 PCI scsi Controllers, and have had Absolutly
> "NO" problems. And backup on a TR-4 drive at about 30 MB per Minute.
> Seagate DAT drives are even faster.

We use Exabyte 8mm drives and get about 25mb/minute. The XL tapes
are nice at over 14gb.

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