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John Lange ( )
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 11:53:02 -0600


Always use Seagate/Arcada backup Exec for NT. Very solid product. The
Standard Edition will only backup local drives, NOT Network Maped drives.
If you want to backup Several servers and workstations get the Enterprise
Edition. It will backup MOST open files, but if you want to backup SQL or
Netware you need the addon modules.

It will also work with just about ANY scsi tape backup device and I believe
it will work with the new IDE drives (but check first). We use Seagate
drives with Adaptec AHA-2940 PCI scsi Controllers, and have had Absolutly
"NO" problems. And backup on a TR-4 drive at about 30 MB per Minute.
Seagate DAT drives are even faster.

I even have Backup Exec working with really dumb users on a sceduled basis
were all the users do is change the tape and read the automatically printed
reports for errors.

My $.000002 worth

JOhn :}

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