Re: Digital Terminal Servers/Network Access Servers.

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 09:59:01 -0500

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Date: March 5, 1998 12:02 AM
Subject: Digital Terminal Servers/Network Access Servers.

>We somewhat looked at USR's Total Controls, but their product line is hard
>to understand. From what we understand, we can't handle both ISDN & modem
>calls with the same equipment, so we have to decide ahead of time how many
>concurrent ISDN calls to support and how many concurrent modems. We've
>also heard that their recent OS upgrade, which is no longer licensed from
>Livingston, is full of "idiosyncracies". (Read that as "bugs" or
>"ill-implemented features".)

We are currectly configured with USR Total Control chassis and we have both
Modems and ISDN shared on the ports... we have configured our 2 PRIs with 47 B
Channels which support 47 Analog and Digital at the same time. We are
extremely pleased with the simplicity of the Install. With the most recent
Codes, the chassis is a plug in and forget system...

>We haven't seriously looked at any other manufacturers. Does anyone have
>comments on the above statements or recommendation of other brands?
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