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We use the USR TCs and handling ISDN and analog calls with the same
equimpment is a standard feature. I agree the product marketing
literature is confusing but they are getting better. Pricing is also
more competitive than before. You can get 48 ports of their new
generation equipment (i.e. HDM and HyperArcs) for $10.5K . It can scale
up to 13 T-1s per chassis, although I don't know of anyone who is doing
this. Hope this helps for the USR/3Com questions.

Jeff Binkley
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n>We'll soon be replacing our analog terminal servers/modems with
n>digital equipment.

n>We've looked at the Livingston PM3's, but I 'm not too hot on its
n>limitations of 2 PRI's/T-1's. Is there a PM3 model that can scale

n>We somewhat looked at USR's Total Controls, but their product line is
n>hard to understand. From what we understand, we can't handle both
n>ISDN & modem calls with the same equipment, so we have to decide ahead
n>of time how many concurrent ISDN calls to support and how many
n>concurrent modems. We've also heard that their recent OS upgrade,
n>which is no longer licensed from Livingston, is full of
n>"idiosyncracies". (Read that as "bugs" or "ill-implemented

n>We haven't seriously looked at any other manufacturers. Does anyone
n>have comments on the above statements or recommendation of other



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