RE: Sendmail NT

Steve Mills ( )
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 07:31:54 -0600

That's the reason we keep a webmail interface available to us and our users.
It's a terrific way to go in and delete a single offending message. We use a
cgi called Mailman (I believe). It's a freebie and works well.

Oh - an unexpected benefit. Even our least sophisticated users seem to be
able to do it after 1 try.


On Thursday, March 05, 1998 5:36 AM, Na'eem Jeenah []
> I'm using Sendmail 2.5 for Windows NT.
> Is there a way in which a user's mailbox can be looked at,
> message-by-message. Why? For example, a user calls, having problems
> downloading mail. Knows that there is at least one message with a huge
> attachment. Can I look at what's there and then delete the "offending"
> message.
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