Re: Recommend NT mail server

Jose Carlos da Silva ( (no email) )
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 10:37:12 -0300

Mitch Wagers,

On 17 Feb 98 at 3:39, you wrote:

> If you run EMWAC on your DNS Server it likes to just "grab" mail for
> any domain listed in its local domain database. Even if you point
> your MX records to an entirely different machine, some mail goes
> through and some doesn't. If there's no user in EMWAC and it isn't
> supposed to recieve mail by DNS records and it happens to decide to
> pick up those 500 messages for that invalid user, it drops the
> messages, thus you are left with explaining the loss of 500
> messages.

It's very very strange. I am running EMWAC IMS in my DNS server since
February 1997. I've domains which are local and I also have domains
which MX records point to other servers, even in other ISP and I have
no problems with EMWAC.

I think you should note that it's responsibility of the SMTP server
sending mail to determine where the MX records for a domain points
and to send mail to there. If your EMWAC server is receiving mail it
shouldn't be, either your MX records aren't correct or the SMTP
servers sending messages are using NS records where they should use
MX. I am sure it's not an EMWAC fault.

> I know, you shouldn't run mail on your DNS Server, but many do.

Like I do.

> On top of that cool *trick* it isn't very stable under a load and
> has very minor SPAM protection. Although, it is a good program, it
> is free and can get things going quickly.

I don't want to start a flame war here, ok? As I said I'm running
EMWAC IMS since a year ago without problem. I have more that 1000
users accessing email through it and I am a very satisfied user.

I suggest you to think about how email is sent over the Internet and
you'll probably agree that if EMWAC is receiving mail which should go
to other server, it's because the originator SMTP server sent the
messages to the wrong machine.


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