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Tue, 17 Feb 98 08:46:05 -0600

I have to throw my two cents in....I just started a isp a little over
a month ago and I began using SLmail for my pop/smtp server. After
about three weeks of (supposed) smooth running I had a user who
said.."I'm sending messages to someone on AOL and there not getting
them"...hmm..after some investigation, a week on the phone with
Seattle Labs, several phone calls to AOL..everyone blamed everyone
else...SL says AOL is blocking me..AOL said they aren't and my users
are getting shafted in the middle..not only to AOL, but to Juno, and several other sights. After a week of this I downloaded
another mail product Saturday, installed it Sunday morning and held my
breath. No phone calls, no irate customers, just smooth running mail. I call they are going to start charging for
tech support in march ($35 a incident if I recall) and told them I
wanted to remove the product from my server and have my money

so maybe you shouldn't go with them!!!

Brian Murphy

PowerHouse Communications

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Subject: Recommend NT mail server
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Date: 2/17/98 10:45 AM

Can anyone recommend a POP3 mail server that supports multiple domains?
There will be low a number of users but a requirement for many domains
so products like NTMail become expensive. Any good experiences out


Greg Joosse
"Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk?"

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