NT 4.0 RAS & Radius 2.0

Karl Hamson ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 11:38:22 +0000

I am having problems getting NT 4.0 to authenticate with our
UNIX (Linux) based Livingston Radius Server v2.0

I'm using NT 4.0 with all the RAS updates. NT will not authenticate off
our Radius server, however our detail file for NT machine shows
some activity, just codes that don't seem to make sense.
Here is a sample of what shows up in the Radius detail file for that

Wed Feb 11 19:13:30 1998
Acct-Status-Type= 7
Timestamp = 887246010

The Radius server works fine with our Portmaster 3.

Has anyone run into the same problem, and solved it..?.

Karl Hamson / khamson@sage.net / Sage Networks Inc.