Re: Shopping cart software

Adrian Teasdale ( )
Thu, 12 Feb 98 10:16:23 +0000

>Does anyone know of some Shopping cart software that i can change pricing
>of product by modifying its db contents with an external program .
>I have a customer with a fox db and wants to be able to change pricing of
>product from that db.
>Something with a reasonable price tag.
>Dave Kerr


We've built a few bespoke ones using Cold Fusion - Cold Fusion itself is
around $500 and will work with FoxPro and Access databases. The only
thing is that you would have to program it yourslef, which is not that

The other one which I've used is one called Wonderstore, which is a Perl
based one, but very comprehensive. Try and for this. Pricing is around $300 and *I think* it
works with fox, but I'n not entirely sure

Other ones to try:


Hope this helps