IIS 3, FP98 Ext., and PDCs

James A. Tucker ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 03:41:36 -0600

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to run IIS 3 with FP 98 Extensions on an
NT 4 server configured as a PDC? As I see it there are two stumbling blocks.
(Maybe more)

1. IUSR_? Account has to be removed from the User group for the Domain so it
doesn't overwrite the other BDC's IUSR_? Accounts.
2. Log On Locally rights can't be set for a group or account on a PDC
(Correct?) So Basic Authentication will not work.

How are larger hosting services managing multiple FrontPage servers on an NT
network? The domain structure is great for centralizing administration of user
accounts, but I can't figure a way around the authentication problems.

Please indulge me with some experience in this area if you have some. Are
there other obstacles I have not thought of?


Please email me as my email account was screwed up for a few days, so I need to
re-subscribe to the list. :(

James A. Tucker
Tucker and Tucker Enterprises