Re: Click of Death claims 5

Don Lloyd Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 18:49:36 -0700

I have lost 2 disks to the "Click of Death" - one almost a year ago, and
the other in the last week. Both Zip disks had seen a lot of use, and one
had been in a dusty/smoky environment. The rest of my Zip media (15 carts
or so) is fine.

The ppl at think that the clicking
thing is a Zip specific virus that spreads from Zip to Zip, but I've only
lost 2 - and I use my Zip drive quite intensively.

I would blame more the Zip media as being inferior, and not being able to
take the amount of stress that is placed on it.


>If you have a ZIP drive, or know someone who does, please read this.
>I'm urging everyone on this list to back up any and all data currently on
>ZIP disks to another media. In the last three days I've lost over a gig
>of email, data, photo scans, and source code. Only about a tenth of it is
>archived elsewhere. And I'm just a little unhappy. Luckily, my drive was
>under warranty (by 3 days), but the data on 5 of my archive disks is now
I really hope Iomega figures out how to retrieve info on those disks. I'm
>sure the data is still physically there, but if I can't get to it, that's
>not much consolation.