Click of Death claims 5

Chilton ( )
Sat, 31 Jan 98 17:13:25 -0600

Hey gang,

If you have a ZIP drive, or know someone who does, please read this.

I'm urging everyone on this list to back up any and all data currently on
ZIP disks to another media. In the last three days I've lost over a gig
of email, data, photo scans, and source code. Only about a tenth of it is
archived elsewhere. And I'm just a little unhappy. Luckily, my drive was
under warranty (by 3 days), but the data on 5 of my archive disks is now

Don't let this happen to you. Backup your data onto any other media.
Heck, my 3.5" diskette archive (which I never got around to moving to
ZIP) is still intact.

I really hope Iomega figures out how to retrieve info on those disks. I'm
sure the data is still physically there, but if I can't get to it, that's
not much consolation.

Just ranting.