Re: relay spam

Chilton ( )
Sat, 31 Jan 98 19:05:46 -0600

>I just thought I would try and be informative...we got hit *hard* last
>night with nearly 3000 emails that were relayed through our system. Now,
>we are getting messages from the people that were recipients seriously
>complaining about the SPAM originating from us! However, it didn't
>originate from us and we now have a block put on * because that
>is one of the locations it originated from. I've also locked down all relay
>mail except from our local hosts/domains so hopefully nothing like this
>will happen again. I encourage ALL of you that run mail servers to do this!
>Individuals/companies that do this make me incredibly angry, but what can
>you do?
>The message pertained to "MAKE MONEY FAST" schemes, of course.
>Owners were, whether that is a valid address I have no
>idea, but he's blocked too.
I could place and update a dedicated page on the ISP Resource Page site
just for listing domains that SPAM is originating from so that all ISPs
could check it once a day, but would that help, or do you think that
would be a waste of time/resources?


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