relay spam

Mitch Wagers ( )
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 16:55:19 -0800


I just thought I would try and be informative...we got hit *hard* last
night with nearly 3000 emails that were relayed through our system. Now,
we are getting messages from the people that were recipients seriously
complaining about the SPAM originating from us! However, it didn't
originate from us and we now have a block put on * because that
is one of the locations it originated from. I've also locked down all relay
mail except from our local hosts/domains so hopefully nothing like this
will happen again. I encourage ALL of you that run mail servers to do this!
Individuals/companies that do this make me incredibly angry, but what can
you do?

The message pertained to "MAKE MONEY FAST" schemes, of course.
Owners were, whether that is a valid address I have no
idea, but he's blocked too.