Re: Evaluating ISP account managment packages.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 21:51:50 -0800

John David M. Miller wrote:
> I have been getting excellent response from Boardtown
> (Platypus) with the abundance of questions I have been
> asking. They relayed to me that they will supply scripts
> that utilize the IMail command line interface to integrate

That is *NOT* integration. Partial syncronization, maybe.
Scaleable. No way. We only recommend and provide solutions
we ourselves would use.

> with IMail. They relayed that RadiusNT will use the same
> MS SQL database as their package with the appropriate

And I wouldn't mind them to just get their own server. We
have enough users switch to Emerald because they get tired
of dealing with Platypus related DB issues. We simply can't
afford to support it. I have nothing against them
personally, I just don't like someone riding the wave of
OUR success when we did all the initial ground breaking
work in this area.

> fields. I have requested more information to detail these
> features as I want to verify that (multi) domain mail accounts can
> be setup/managed via the actual Platypus interface. Also to

Emerald with NTMail/MailSite handles these with flying colors.
Its seamless and real-time.

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