Netserver 16- setup

David Payer ( (no email) )
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 14:21:47 -0600

I just bought a used Netserver 16i and something isn't quite right. If
someone has experience with this, give me a perspective please.

I can telnet into the unit but can't use the USR software to configure the
unit. I believe I have the ports setup alright since it is very similar to
the portmaster setup. My concern is the modems themselves. I have a MPi-16
and we had to run a setup program to configure each modem to recognize the
spids they were connected to. I see nothing in the documents for doing
something along this line.

Is this needed on the Netserver 16i or does it autorecognize the spids and
type of switch?

(Very interesting regarding the USR software, it doesn't open the port. It
didn't work with a serial connection or the lan connection but the system
setup fine via telnet using the old IP address to get started.)


David Payer
OMNI Internet