Ghosts in the Machine ( casper@nospam.ndti.net )
Fri, 09 Jan 1998 10:52:51 -0800

We had a major slowdown in our server the yesterday. Using task manger,
I found two NTVDM.EXE processes running, each taking about 50% CPU
utilization. Could not find a reason for those programs to be running.
Could not find a correlation between them and anything else running
using performance monitor. We're running NT4 SP3 server, hosting
webpages with IIS3 and some Front Page webs, also running Postoffice,
and authenticating dial-in users with Radius(old version).
I finally got those processes to stop by shutting down the server,
turning it off for a few, then turning it back on. M$ knowledge base
wasn't as helpful as I would have hoped for the NTVDM. Any
suggestions? Thanks in advance.

C. Casperson
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