Re: RAS can't find PDC

Mitchell B. Wagers ( (no email) )
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 19:38:04 -0800

You have to "Logon" to the machine via DUN, otherwise it doesn't
authenticate the SIDS and create the network connection needed.
So, when you log on, you have to Click "Use Dial-Up Networking" and it will
dial just as DUN does, authenticating you with your authentication system,
and then authenticating you with the PDC. However, you don't have to have
a BDC to use User Manager.

At 03:50 PM 1/8/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I set up a new machine, while it was connected to my ethernet, as a BDC. I
>want to take it home to do admin when necessary. But when I dial into my
>RAS box, it connects normally, but when I pull up User or Server Manager, I
>get a message saying that it can't find the PDC.
>Any suggestions?
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