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Thanks for the heads-up. Future secondaries will all be BIND for NT or
UNIX anyway since I don't want to spend any more money than I actually
have to on DNS, but I'm sure you've saved us hours of headaches down the

Lucent's dynamic DNS product looked pretty cool in theory, but as with
most Lucent end-user products, it's untested and overpriced. I think
they wanted $15k for a 2-server license, and SunOS was the only platform
supported at the time.

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Well, after the 30 virtual web server (domain) and 60
lines, some times, the DNS aswer a query as "not found",
being it perfectly existant. The problem wasn't
The documentation of the product says it can only
5 queries at a time (literally it says "it is hard
We tested the bind DNS, and the problem went away.
We have 2 DNS servers, both dual pentium 133, with
64MB ram, one with NT 4 and the other with NT 3.51, both
had the same problem.

> The MetaInfo product is nothing more than a BIND port for NT
with a nice
> Java interface to the db files. What kind of traffic were you
> when the performance started to degrade?

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