Re: Undeliverable Mail

Robert W. Beggs ( (no email) )
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 13:57:20 -0500

Felipe --=20

1. My mail filter dumps all messages with "undeliverable mail" headers; I
caught this just before I deleted it all. Try using a useful header!

2. This has been discussed, almost to death, in inet-access. They have
quite a large archive that is searchable (try using "metered access" as
your keyword)

3. So, a user buys "dial up unlimited" from you, and then you get ticked
off because they actually use it???? What did YOU think that you were
selling? If you have defined it in an AUP as unlimited use, you can't fault
someone for using the unlimited use that they paid for, can ya? Perhaps
you meant "interactive use" -=20

specify that the user MUST be interacting with your system, and that you
will disconnet if there is a quiet period in exces of -say- 15 minutes.
Note that you must also specify that "keep alive programs" (eg ones that
ping on a continual basis) just don't count as being interactive.

4. Inet-access has frequent discussion of not only how to limit log-on time
of your user, but how to detect the activity of keep alive programs. That
would be your best bet, Felipe...good luck!!


At 02:39 PM 1/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Maybe this is not the right forum, but I would like to know
>the solutions you come up to, when users push it , like
>when they have a dial up unlimited and they stay connected
>full 24hrs, running servers etc.
>Do you guys take any action, we are giving a good service
>and were attracting the Hackers, Power users type and when
>you have several users loggin 24hrs without paying for it
>it hurts you.
>Anybody has suggestions?
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