Re: Microsoft DNS vs others

Michael E. Hanson ( (no email) )
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 13:19:39 -0600

I haven't tested the M$ DNS under NT5 alpha/beta yet, but under NT4 (SP3
plus hotfixes) I couldn't keep it stable, I couldn't keep its cache from
storing multiple copies of learned addresses (it would eventually run out of
memory and hang) and I couldn't get it to handle MX records properly. My
users mail kept getting bounced because other mail servers couldn't find a
mail exchanger for my domain. I went back to Larry Kahn's port of BIND for
NT (the same one MS uses for MSN, same one Software.Com uses as the source
for their version). Its simple, stable, reliable, .... it works.

Regardless of whether you're a Unix-Head or not, whether you use the MS DNS
or not, get a copy of the O'Reilly Bind book and use it. The theory and
requirements are the same regardless of whose software you are using.

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From: Kelly Wright <>
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Date: Thursday, January 08, 1998 11:31
Subject: Microsoft DNS vs others

I know there has been comments on this already but before I move from
Microsoft DNS I wanted some info on other choices. I don't like BIND
because I am UNIX illiterate. Thanks for any help.

Kelly Wright (
BuzNet Communications